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Meeting Minutes ~ September 15, 2021


Village BIA Board Meeting

Wednesday September 15th, 2021 – 7pm



Board Members:

Sabrina Rowles, Chair – Enticing Cakes Inc.

Jenn Rowles, Secretary / Treasurer – Enticing Cakes Inc.

Business Members:

Janet McLeod, East City Flower Shop

Stephen Ward, EarSense

Laura Montague, Ashburnham Realty

Michelle Belair, Kawartha Credit Union

City Counsel Rep: Regrets

1) Approval Of Agenda

Motion to approve agenda: Sabrina Rowles

Seconded by: Janet

2) Approval of Minutes – July 21, 2021

Motion to approve minutes: Sabrina Rowles

Seconded by: Janet

3) Landscaping / Beautification

- Fall planting beginning, beds have been stripped

4) Trees

- Tree update from Keith’s email – we’re still working to have the female ginkos removed

- Other tree of interest in front of 72 Hunter St E., which was cut down during fire fighting

5) New / Old Business

- Possibility of New Planters down at far end of Hunter Street – Sabrina to inquire of a cost etc.

- In 2022 Municipal Election – we’re looking for new participants to join us

- Brief discussion of the return of movie night with the addition of a long table dinner, what does that look like post/during covid, when could it happen is unclear.

7) Set Date for Next Board Meeting - AGM

October 20, 2021 at 7pm via ZOOM

8) Adjournment

Motion to Adjourn: Laura

Seconded by: Sabrina

Meeting was adjourned at 7:37pm

VBIA Minutes 2021 September 15
Download PDF • 34KB

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