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Meeting Minutes ~ March 7th, 2018


Village BIA Board Meeting

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 – 6:30pm

Enticing Cakes Inc.


Board Members:

Janet McLeod, Interim Chair – East City Flowers

Jenn Rowles, Secretary / Treasurer – Enticing Cakes Inc.

Sabrina Rowles, Director-at-Large – Enticing Cakes Inc.

Kerri McMaster, Director-at-Large – Revive Hair Lounge

Stephen Stamp, Director-at Large – Revive Hair Lounge

Business Members:

Tori Kelcey – Kelcey’s Nutrition

Scott Wood, Ashburnham Alehouse

City Counsel Rep: Keith Riel

Community Guest:

Iris Crowder, Community Care Peterborough

1) Approval Of Agenda

Motion to approve agenda: Sabrina Rowles

Seconded by: Stephen Stamp

2) Approval of Minutes – September 11, 2017

Minutes were approved without addendum or omissions.

Motion to approve minutes: Sabrina Rowles

Seconded by: Stephen Stamp

3) New Business

  • Garbage Collection – rate increase for Joe Gray – Jenn to confirm with Joe any ramification to his disability benefits that could arise.

  • Household Waste Issue – Janet to call Jim Braun re: Residential Tenant garbage issue

  • Chair position, Janet McLeod has advised she will not be renewing her term in the fall. Sabrina Rowles has volunteered to become the new VBIA for a smooth transition.

4) Councilor Keith Riel:

- Maple Tree Root Trimming – Arborist determined the roots are fine (VBIA forwarded photos of tree condition to the contrary) Keith to follow up with City.

- King George School expansion/construction in 2019

- Canoe Musuem construction commencing 2019 with a $65 million commitment from City

- Y Marathon to run through East City

- Election coming, Keith will be running again.

5) Landscaping / Beautification

Installation will take place either at the end of May or start of June weather temperature permitting, the planters will receive additional water and fertilizing to compensate for the City’s lack of watering to sufficiently sustain the VBIA’s beautification investment.

6) Other Business

  • None

7) Set Date for Next Board Meeting

TBA by email

8) Adjournment

Motion to Adjourn: Janet

Seconded by: Keith Riel

Meeting was adjourned at 6:25pm

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