Meeting Minutes ~ February 8th, 2017


Village BIA Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 – 6:00pm

Enticing Cakes Inc.


Board Members:

Janet McLeod, Interim Chair – East City Flowers

Jenn Rowles, Secretary / Treasurer – Enticing Cakes Inc.

Sabrina Rowles, Director-at-Large – Enticing Cakes Inc.

Kerri McMaster, Director-at-Large – Revive Hair Lounge

Stephen Stamp, Director-at Large – Revive Hair Lounge

J.G. Francoeur – Urban Spa

Kerri Holley – Urban Spa

City Counsel Rep: Keith Riel

1) Approval Of Agenda

Motion to approve agenda: Sabrina Rowles

Seconded by: Stephen Stamp

2) Approval of Minutes – October 25, 2016

Minutes were approved without addendum or omissions.

Motion to approve minutes: Sabrina Rowles

Seconded by: Stephen Stamp

3) New Business

  • Canada 150 – VBIA will support an event (already scheduled) monetarily instead of creating an event for July 1, 2017 in the range of $1,000 to $1,500

Motion to approve expense as presented by Janet McLeod: Motion to approved – Unanimous

  • Earth Day – Kerri McMaster to contact Ptbo Green Up to arrange event participation

4) Councilor Keith Riel:

- Maple Tree Root Trimming – Arborist determined the roots are fine (VBIA forwarded photos of tree condition to the contrary) Keith to follow up with City.

- Trail Lighting will be performed thanks to the Rotary Grant of $150,000

  • Paul Bennett going through with purchase

  • Development will trigger a cross walk on Hunter Street East (which has been a long standing concern for the VBIA)

  • Douro Street Activated Crossing is now working

  • Curb cutting re: Urban Spa entrance – Keith to follow up

5) Landscaping / Beautification

Now part of the 2017 landscaping / beautification plan, unfortunately will including replanting the planter in front of Tim Horton's in spring with red and white flowers to compliment Canada 150 Tulip installation by Carra’s Landscape. As the tulips installed were lost during the Root Inspection process.

6) Other Business

  • VBIA Facebook/Twitter – follow or like to see what is happening

  • Museum extended their thanks for the VBIA Sponsorship of SnoFest

  • Movie Night Sponsorship – J.G. To follow up with Jenn for possible letter for corporate support.

7) Set Date for Next Board Meeting

April 12, 2017 – To be confirmed via email.

8) Adjournment

Motion to Adjourn: Kerri Holley

Seconded by: Keith Riel

Meeting was adjourned at 7:24pm

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