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Meeting Minutes - April 26/16


Village BIA Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 – 6pm

Enticing Cakes Inc.


Board Members:

Jenn Rowles, Secretary / Treasurer – Enticing Cakes Inc.

Janet McLeod, Director-at-Large – East City Flowers

Susan Neale, Director-at-Large - Peterborough Museum & Archives


Sabrina Rowles – Enticing Cakes Inc.

City Council Representative:

Keith Riel - Regrets

1) Approval Of Agenda

Motion to approve agenda: Janet McLeod

Seconded by: Susan Neale

2) Approval of Minutes – October 27, 2015 Meeting

Minutes were approved without addendum or omissions.

Motion to approve minutes: Janet McLeod

Seconded by: Sabrina Rowles

3) New Business

- Interim Chair needed in light of current Chair’s leave of absence for personal reasons.

Nomination: Janet McLeod

Vote to approve nomination.

All in favour: All

Any against: None

  • New Email Address for members to email board –

  • New Banners – we are currently having artwork completed for two sets of banners the Winter banners will be printed first, followed by new summer banners in the spring

4) Report from Councillor Keith Riel

Keith sends his regrets.

5) Landscaping / Beautification

Tree Root trimming scheduled and planting is to be delayed until schedule provided by City..

6) Other Business

- 2016 Late Summer Event – Movie Night with closure of street from Burnham to Mark Street ideally to avoid too much disruption to our residential neighbours. Applications will be filed by Secretary/Treasurer as she is spearheading this event.

- Canada’s 150th – preliminary talks about possible events or assistance to events already scheduled. Conversations will continue throughout the year.

7) Set Date for Next Board Meeting

September 7, 2016 - Annual General Meeting

8) Adjournment

Motion to Adjourn: Sabrina Rowles

Seconded by: Janet McLeod

Meeting was adjourned at 7:05pm

Signature of Approval [Interim-Chairperson]

Signature of Approval [Secretary / Treasurer]

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