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Meeting Minutes - July 21/15


Village BIA Board Meeting

Tuesday July 21st, 2015 – 6pm

Ashburnham Ale House


Board Members:

Doug Shier, Chairman – Sullivan’s Pharmacy

Jenn Rowles, Secretary / Treasurer – Enticing Cakes Inc.


Scott Wood - Ashburnham Ale House

Bill Kelcey – Kelcey’s

Peter Ferguson – Ashburnham Foot & Ankle Centre

1) Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve Agenda: Scott Wood

Seconded by: Doug Shier

2) Approval of Minutes – VBIA Meeting May 6, 2015

Motion to approve Minutes: Jenn Rowles

Seconded by: Bill Kelcey

3) New Business

Welcome New Chairman, Doug Shier

Terry Fox Donation in Honour of Joe Gray’s Loss

Vote to Donate $100

All in favour: All

Any against: None


Discussion of issues and recommendation to deter escalation.

- businesses should attempt to make it as welcoming as possible for patrons which in turn should make it less inviting for a panhandler. And keep watchful of illegal activities.

4) Follow up re: Last Meeting Items

Mac’s Garden – has been completed

Website – Near completion, expected to be live before July 31, 2015

Businesses encouraged to provide logo art work if they wish.

Raised Cement Bed (FireHouse Gourmet) & Interlocking Sidewalk - continue to be an unresolved issue.

5) Landscaping / Beautification

Planters: have been completed and look great

Banners: More prompt turnover

6) Other Business

Increased frequency of Financial Updates

Solar Led Lights on Trail from Hunter St. E. to Douro – a previous concern of years past that hasn’t seen resolution – Peter Ferguson to follow up with friend on Rotary

7) Set Date for Next Board Meeting (AGM)

Tuesday September 8, 2015

Vote to approve next meeting date.

All in favour: All

Any against: None

8) Adjournment

Motion to Adjourn: Peter Ferguson

Seconded by: Doug Shier

Meeting was adjourned at 6:38pm

re of Approval (Secretary/Treasurer)


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